12 Videos Every Business Should Have

Do you want to use videos to help your business grow? In this post, I’ll talk about the 12 essential videos that can help you succeed. 

1. Welcome Video 

This is the video everybody should see when they first land on your website. I think what people want to see is the human side of your business. With a welcome video, you can ease them into your business with warmth.   

2. About the Team 

Another video that can help is an “About the Team” video. Feature the team behind the brand and behind the logo. It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you have. Any business will have people behind it, even if you’re a solopreneur. It can be just you and you can say, “Hey, it’s me, I’m on my own, this is the reason why I’ve started the business.” Something like that.  

For a larger business, you can feature the senior leadership team. If it’s a medium-sized business, you can get all the team together.  

This can really help people understand your company better, especially now that people mostly meet in Zoom meetings only. There are lesser opportunities to see the people behind the phone calls or behind the email addresses. So, by having team videos, you really help, again, humanize the brand like you would with a welcome video.  

3. Mission Statement or Company Values 

Company values are something that flows through you as a business owner or as a team. And if it’s something that you’ve not really put together yet, you should think about putting these things together. 

They usually sit on the website somewhere. They might be in a footer or it might be on a page sort of hidden out of the way.  

I think your mission statement or values are so important when people are deciding between you and somebody else. When I read company values, I feel that sometimes, they could just be copied and pasted from somebody else’s website. I think having a human explain those company values will show the passion and will show the excitement of that business owner. Right?  

4. Products and Services 

What normally happens is you have a page on your website, and it describes what your products and services are. But having videos is a really good opportunity to have a high-level view of your products and services. 

With a video, you can give people a nice, succinct, rounded view of what your products and services are. Anybody should be able to understand in a couple of minutes what you do and what you offer.  

5. Social Proof 

Now, social proof is all about having videos of customer testimonials. And customer testimonials should always come from the customers, right? This is not really something where you speak on behalf of your customers. When you say the words instead of a real customer, it just wouldn’t be authentic. 

 Like in my opinion, it doesn’t feel very genuine when I see just words written on a page about what somebody said. It’s so much more effective, so much more authentic when you have the user or the customer say those words to a camera. You get to see the passion and the excitement as clients describe the results they enjoyed from working with you.  

6. Client Case Study 

You might think, well, you’ve just told us number five, and that is customer testimonials. But a case study is very different from customer testimonials. The only thing that’s similar is that you would have testimonials inside a case study, but a case study is an end-to-end view of what a client journey would be. 

So, you usually start with talking about the challenge orthe problem, and the challenge that the customer might have. Then you walk them through how your business solved that problem and how the customer felt.  

The case study is generally a bigger look into a specific project or a specific problem and how your product and service solved that. This can be really, especially when a potential client sees the case study and can relate to the challenge. 

7. Product or Service Demo 

Sometimes, we even call this client onboarding as well. You can format the video as if you’re walking the clients through the service you offer. If you have a customer dashboard or something like that, you can show them the onboarding process.  

Video like these are great, especially if you’re a software as a service. Even if you’re a coach or a mentor, you might onboard them to your coaching program. You can do it yourself if you don’t have a customer success manager. You’re just taking people to a point where they get to know you if they do buy your product and service.  

8. Ideal Client  

This is one of those things where you talk about your products and services, things that you do. And you’re putting that out into the world and you’re saying, “Hey, if you’re interested in this thing, we’re the people to come to.” Like the product and services video. 

The ideal client video is slightly different. You’re actually going to target a specific niche, which your products and services video probably does. But this time, you can go for the exact ideal client. It’s a little bit like the case study, because in theory, you could create case studies for specific industries.  

You want the ideal client at that point to say, “Hey, that’s me. I recognize myself there.”  

9. Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s 

This is video number nine, but it could be video number nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, even up to a hundred. It depends on the number of your frequently asked questions; how many you’ve got.  

When you get to a website, you would often end up on the frequently asked questions page. And it might have five or 10 different things that people ask all the time. You could do an overarching overview of the frequently asked questions, or you could do individual frequently asked questions. 

Imagine this from an Instagram point of view. If you’ve got a minute to use to answer questions on Instagram before you, you know, move into IGTV area, then you might want to just answer those specific questions in less than a minute video. 

10. Featured Products  

So, we talked about the overview of products and services. For video 10, we’re talking about a specific product or specific service. When you were coming up ideas about your products and services, you must’ve thought about the featured product, a featured service, or a featured event.  

So, if you’ve got events or webinars or something like that, you could create a video just specifically for that. And of course, the launch video comes into this as well, sometimes referred to as a video sales letter.  

11. Our Process 

In the “our process” video, you’re really giving a behind the scenes look at what happens in your business. You show your customers and clients how you create your products or what goes on behind your services. It’s basically showing people how you work and answering their question to, “How do they deliver the service they’re doing?” 

12. Marketing Material 

The 12th essential video that every business should need is, of course, marketing material. Now, again, this is video number 12, but it could be up to video 100, depending on how many marketing videos you make.  

In marketing videos, we’re talking about promo videos. We’re talking about top 10, top 12 videos, just like this one. We’re talking about viral videos, you know, the ones that are square, got a top and a bottom, and they’re captioned.  All that kind of good stuff.  

Marketing videos will take a lot of time and effort, coming up with a strategic plan around the videos that you’re going to create. It takes consistency as well. But I think you can just get started with creating a single great piece of content. If you start with a signature piece of content for your marketing, you can really get going as you start to create all the other marketing videos in the future.  

If you need help creating these 12 videos, I got you, welcometo my King of Video Academy.
This is how we help small business owners and entrepreneurs to confidently create consistent video content that connects with their audience.

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