Video Captions Mastclass

Are you ready to discover the best way to caption your videos?

What if you could edit videos, modify captions and create amazing Viral Videos in minutes rather than hours?

In this Masterclass I show you how to do this in the fastest, easiest software I have discovered, as well as providing you with all the hints, tips and tricks i’ve found after using the software for 6 months commercially.

Are you ready to get stuck in?

What is The Captions Masterclass?

A masterclass on captioning or transcribing your videos. 

In truth, what I will show you will also help with creating snippet videos, blog posts, amongst others.

Who is it for?

Small Business Owners or Entrepreners who either want to do this themselves or want to do it for clients, this would be perfect for marketing agencies, virtual asistants, solopreneurs or small business owners who do all the jobs (I feel you).

What is the investment?

You can purchase the masterclass now for £37 or take King of Video Academy Pro Membership for £37 / month and get all of the masterclasses included.

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