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Clean Your Lens 02

It’s the third, officially second Clean Your Lens episode! We talked about Restream and how it can help you brand your show last time. In this episode, I still shared a little bit about Restream, but the main focus this time is really about using a green screen for your live videos.

I’ll actually have a Masterclass about using green screens soon, so, this live stream was sort of like a warm-up for a more in-depth course later on.

So, I covered a few things about green screen like the importance of lighting and a good-quality camera to make the whole thing work. I also showed my green screen setup for live videos, just a quick run on the gear I use.

I’ve been planning to create a podcast for this show and I have an initial plan on how to go about it with Restream. If you’re interested to know a bit more about this, just watch the video.

Here at King of Video, we help small businesses and entrepreneurs confidently create consistent video content. If you want tips on making videos, please feel free to check out my YouTube channel, King of Video. I know that watching videos is sometimes simply not enough, so, for more in-depth guidance, check out YouTube For Business Academy.

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