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10 Excuses why You're Not Showing Up on Camera

Excuses, it might sound a little harsh but if we’re honest, we know that’s what they are.

However, i’m not about to drop that on you and not give you ways to overcome them, in this guide I give you some amazing hints and tips to get going and be the awesome video rockstar you deserve to be.

Are you ready?

Gear Guides

The starter gear guide for those just dipping their toes into video as a hobby or starting in business

Pro Gear for those using video in their business day to day, people who want to look pro on camera

Elite is for those serious about levelling up, creating Courses, YouTube videos etc

30 Day Content Calendar

Looking to get started with content but not sure how? 

This 30 Day Content Calendar gives you everything you need to get started, with a printable list in both colour and printer friendly black and white.

Cross off the topics as you go in this handy guide.



Probably the worlds greatest Facebook Live Challenge.

How would you feel about going live every day for five days? 
Most people, even me at one time in my life, feel scared, apprehensive and i’ve even had people say to me

“There is no way I could go live for 5 days straight”

This is exactly what #LiveVidWeek is for, I guide you how to do this,every day I give you a topic, I go live at 11am for Q & A and we have a group call in the evening at 7PM to see how you got on, this is my favourite freebie and it is the first place you should start if you want to gain confidence on camera.


Downloadables are great and guides are great but there’s nothing quite like video tutorials, how to’s, advice, support and guidence, that’s exactly what you will find on my YouTube channel

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