How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers on YouTube

If you’ve just set up your YouTube channel, you must be wondering how you’re going to get your first 100 subscribers. I’m focusing on 100 because if you get this number or a little more, you can have a custom URL.

Another thing that Google requires aside from 100 subs, is that your channel must be at least 30 days old. But you don’t really need help to get this done, what you need to work on as you’re waiting within this period is invite people to subscribe to your channel.

1. Post It to facebook

Use Facebook to tell people that you’ve started your own YouTube channel and ask them to subscribe. But thing is that social platforms sometimes don’t like you to promote other social platforms.

One way to get around this is to avoid saying “YouTube” in your post. You can use images that say this instead, or just allude in some way that you’re referring to YouTube. Avoid posting the YouTube link in your post, too. Just post it as a comment instead.

2. Inbox people and ask them

This strategy is a bit controversial because it’s usually frowned upon. But some of the tips I’m sharing, including this one, are stuff you wouldn’t normally do. But they can help you get to where you need to be. It’s all about hustling.

So, yes. Message people directly and ask them to subscribe to your channel—in a nice way. I wouldn’t just add a friend and ask them to do this right away. I’ll approach the people I’m already connected with.

It’s not the best strategy, definitely not something that could work long-term. But it’s strategy that can help you when you’re starting out.

3. Ask your family and friends

Rally the support of your friends and family. In the future, you can form another strategy that really targets your ideal clients. But as you are starting out, you can tap into the network that you already have.

They may not really watch all your videos, which is not really good for YouTube’s algorithm. But again, asking them to subscribe can really help you achieve your first 100 subscribers. And this is your main goal for now.

4. Use your email list

When I send these kind of requests on my current email list, it doesn’t work massively because it’s a direct thing. But you can offer some kind of reward or benefit so that they’ll subscribe to your channel.

It can be very simple like a free guide or a free 15-minute consultation perhaps. Give them some reason to do it.

If you already have an email list, don’t forget to add an invitation to subscribe whenever you send out emails.

5. Ask close friends to promote

I know we’ve already talked about asking your family and close friends to subscribe. But what you can also do is ask them to share your channel with their network. You can also approach acquaintances from your professional circle to do this.

Just prepare like the message or copy that you want them to use when they promote your content.

6. Anti-subscriber tip

There’s something called sub4sub. And you can find this in random groups, Reddit, and all these different places. I don’t recommend it.

In my recent YouTube Challenge, I had one task that you might think is similar to sub4sub. But it’s a more appropriate and healthier strategy. The thing with sub4sub is that YouTube doesn’t see this in a good light. The platform actually has a fake engagement policy.

And that’s it, those are my tips to get your first 100 subscribers in your channel. What I really want you to remember is that a lot of the time it is strategic effort that helps you get to your first 100 subscribers. You need to hustle to achieve this number.

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