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FREE Stuff

King of Video

Check out the FREE training sessions, all my lead magnets and the gear and resources section available on the website by registering for a FREE account.

How To Be Confident & Not Suck At Video

45 Minute Training session showing you how to be confident and not suck at video.

21 actionable tips and tricks to get you started.

Content Repurposing Webinar

Learn how to create 49 assets from one signature video. This is the pre-cursor to the step by step training in Content Repurposing School and shows you what’s possible.

King of Video
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YouTube For Business
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Canva Collective
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Canva Collective
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Paid Courses

YouTube Bootcamp

YouTube Bootcamp is my signature course that includes Getting Started with YouTube, Video Editing School, Content Repurposing School and so much more.

ยฃ997 (Three pay available)

Getting Started on YouTube

Looking to get started on YouTube but no clue where to begin, this course willhave you setup, channel art added, first 100 subscribers achieved and your first 12 videos planned.

Content Repurposing School

Content Repurposing school is my self-paced course showing you how to create 49 pieces of content from one signature course

Video Editing

Video Editing School teaches you the funamentals of editing, once you’ve completed this course you’ll be able to edit in ANY video editing software.

1-2-1 Session

Video Strategy Call or Power Hour

Whatever you want to call it, i’ve now completed over one hundred power hours and saved small business owners hundreds maybe even thousands of hours, of research, watching youtube videos and maybe even buying the wrong thing and having to return it.ย 

I’m an expert in all things video so book a power hour and don’t waste any more time on research.

YouTube Management

YouTube Essentials

Youtube Essentials is our Done-For-You YouTube management service.

My team will edit and publish your videos, all you have to do is film the video.

I will also be on hand to help you create the best quality video footage with the equipment you have or i’ll suggest the relevent upgrades you may want to consider.ย 

Check out the website for more information


1K Growth Club

Growth club is my membership focusing on the sole goal of reaching 1000 subscribers in the next 12 months.ย 

Growth club is for Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs looking to break into YouTube the RIGHT WAY.

We have a weekly one hour group call, a 12 month YouTube planner, as well as 50% OFF any of the courses above (Excluding power hours)
This is the best way to access my training at the most cost effective price.

Personal Branding Photography

One day a month I dedicate my time to my passion profession as a
Personal Brand Photographer.
Spaces are very limited and more information can be found on the website.

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