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Unlimited Topic Ideas for Video

How do I come up with topic ideas for a video? I know a lot of you find yourself asking this question, and I understand the struggle. Many people get stuck in this stage and they sometimes end up not making videos at all.

In this post, I’ll share with you 3 tips on how to come up with topic ideas for a video. Effortlessly almost.

1. Document Your Day 

We’re all very familiar with the struggle of coming up with ideas for content. The easiest way to get around this is to simply document your day, and you can start with Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn stories. 

But when I say this to people, I usually hear them say things like their lives are too boring, that nothing really happens, or they’re not interesting enough. Thing is, it’s not for you to decide whether people are going to be interested or not. Just start documenting your day, and let your viewers decide.  

Really short stories, like 30 seconds to a minute, is a good place to begin. 

2. Share Client Success 

Talk about clients in such a positive way and tag them in that post or story. You get to leverage their audience, plus, people will take notice of your business, too.  

Sharing their success and how you worked with them also puts you in a place of authority. And when this happens, people will want to work with you as well.  

3. Rant 

Highlight something that you’re not happy about in your industry. I know, this is a little controversial.  

But what happens is that you attract a market that agrees with your stance. This might divide your audience, and some people are going to disagree with you. However, in this way, you can encourage people to think differently and draw them to you.  

I have an example of this in my video. Do watch it.  

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