Join us, as Louise Brogan and I discuss how YouTube, an often overlooked platform, can be a powerful tool for attracting clients and driving business success. Our guest shares her journey of using YouTube as a complementary platform to her LinkedIn-focused business strategy, ultimately amassing over 10,000 subscribers and generating client leads.

Discover actionable insights and strategies for harnessing the potential of YouTube to turn views into leads and expand your business reach. Whether you're a small creator, an entrepreneur, or a business owner looking to expand your online presence, this episode offers valuable tips and inspiration to use YouTube as a marketing tool and achieve tangible results.

About Louise Brogan

Louise Brogan runs a LinkedIn Marketing Agency to help businesses understand how to use LinkedIn for business. Some of Louise’s notable achievements include being named a Small Business Champion in the UK and entered the Small Business Saturday Top 100, where she was recognised as the Small Business of the Year. With over a decade of experience in marketing and business development, Louise has solidified her position as a leading authority in leveraging social media platforms for business success.

She is one of the speakers at TubeFest, on May 23rd 2024.


Welcome to another episode of the YouTube Success podcast! In this episode, I'll be talking about the Content Promotion Framework, which is the final part of our series on making your videos successful.

You’ll learn how to strategically promote your content across different platforms to maximise your reach and engagement. Plus, I’m sharing practical tips on which platforms are best for getting your YouTube content seen. You'll be surprised by some of the places where you can share your content. Tune in now and learn how to get more eyes on your videos!


What if I told you that you can make over 47 different pieces of content from just one signature video? Join me in the latest episode of the YouTube Success Podcast. I’m going to show you how to turn your main video into tons of other content pieces.

In this episode, we will go into the details of how to do this, and I’ll share practical tips and tricks to get the most out of your signature video. This covers everything from short videos to quotes, blog posts, and more. Plus, I’ll walk you through the steps to create all this content for different platforms.

Find out how to use tools to make this process easier and to reach more people. Whether you've been making videos for a while or you're just starting out, this episode has some great advice to help you succeed with your content.


Discover the power of signature videos in this episode of YouTube Success. Join me as I explain what exactly is a signature video, and help you understand how you can turn it into valuable business assets.

We'll explore why signature videos are crucial for your channel's success and how you can start creating them today. I'll also give you tips on how long your videos should be and how to make sure they're interesting.

Let's make your YouTube journey a success!


In this episode of YouTube Success podcast, join me as I share insights from my recent experience at Social Media Marketing World and explore why being a little "weird" can actually be your superpower in content creation. I'll share stories and discuss how they can help you connect better with your audience.

Whether you're new to creating videos or have been doing it for a while, this episode has practical tips to help you stand out online. So, if you're curious about how embracing your “weird” can make your YouTube channel more interesting, this conversation is for you!


Did you know you can launch your own YouTube channel without showing your face in your videos?

If you've ever dreamed of starting a channel but don’t want to show your face and you are feeling overwhelmed by where to begin, this episode is your guide. I shared 5 crucial steps to getting started and by the end of this episode, you'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to launch your own faceless YouTube channel and start sharing your content with the world.

Of course, no YouTube channel is complete without polished videos. That's why we'll also cover the basics of video editing, thumbnails, and other important things to keep in mind when starting a channel.


In this episode of YouTube Success Podcast, I am inviting you on an inspiring journey alongside Samantha Cameron, a Social Media Alchemist, where you'll uncover invaluable insights on igniting your motivation and propelling yourself toward success.

Samantha shares her personal experiences and strategies for overcoming obstacles, finding purpose, and staying resilient in the face of challenges. From identifying your passions to harnessing the power of determination, this episode offers practical advice and actionable steps to kickstart your own success journey. Tune in and discover the keys to unlocking your inner drive with Samantha Cameron.


Why are we bidding farewell to the YouTube Community?

Join me as I share the reasons behind this move, and what my next plan is, as we shift to a broader focus. We had a fun and insightful journey in the YouTube Community and this gave me the vision that drives a new journey forward.

Join me as I embark on this exciting new chapter and discover what lies beyond the closure of the YouTube Community. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of something greater—this is just the beginning!


In this episode of the YouTube Success Podcast, join us as we delve into the world of successful collaborations with Robin Waite, a seasoned business coach and speaker at TubeFest. Take it from Robin’s successful experience of collaborations and learn how you can pitch collaborations to fellow YouTubers and/or influencers successfully.

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In this week’s episode of YouTube Success Podcast, we'll reflect on my experiences with the Shorts Challenge, and I’ll share some valuable insights and a secret tip that has me really pumped. We'll also touch on the challenges and explore how Shorts is making waves across different platforms. Plus, I'll reveal some surprising growth stats for the podcast. This is all about a positive journey through Shorts, analytics, and the ongoing experiment to make our content even better.

Episode Highlights

  • Podcast growth
  • Shorts Challenge
  • Personal experience on Shorts Challenge
  • Challenges
  • Shorts Challenge stats
  • Shorts’ impact on different platforms
  • Facebook Reels

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