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Your Channel

Your Channel

In this free training discover how to make money on YouTube for Business, how small channels are making money and how YOU can make money on YouTube and why you should start right now.

Hey I am Matt Hughes, King of Video...

ย “Matt, how can you teach this with just over 1300 subscribers?”

Look, i’m not a YouTube sensation, this is true, but I do know how to create videos and I do know how to strategically launch your channel to make money from day one, that’s how I was able to generate ยฃ40,000 from YouTube with less than 1000 subscribers.

With my video company we travelled the world creating video for huge brands through to small businesses, we understood how to get the most out of the equipment you have, whether that’s an iPhone or a Mirrorless camera with detatchable lenses, I know YouTubers who have built their channels to 100,000 subscribers with just their mobile phones.

Teaching business owners how to create video has been my job for almost 10 years and I can use that skill, expertise and experience to help you fast track your video production and get you started on the same journey as me, as I cement my place on YouTube.

Are you ready to Plan, Produce, Publish and Promoteyour content and use YouTube to help Grow Your Business?

I'm a complete beginner and your training delivery puts everyone at ease, and we can take things step by step... definitely builds confidence!
Claire Smith
Shine Business
"I really appreciate how you are willing to listen to your clients and then try to adapt and offer other different ways to help them."
Teresa Mack
I has totally opened up a new world of options and opportunities for both myself and my clients. I had no channel at all when I started and now I have over 200 subscribers and around 60 videos and stil going strong.
Steph Missons
K9 Psychologist
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