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The Road to £1,000,000

I am documenting my journey with ScoreApp & my programme the YouTube Accelerator in an attempt to make £1,000,000 in sales which would be 1003 sales at the current price of £997 although the idea is to increase it to £1997 after the first 50 sales (or maybe with gradual increments)

The financial goal aligns with my personal goal of helping 1000 businesses hit 1000 subscribers or 1,000,000 subscribers overall.

What is the YouTube Accelerator? Check out the sales page from April 26th and it should become clear.

5th April 2024

🥳 Steal my idea, that I leveraged (stole) from Dan 🥳

Having seen Daniel Priestley twice in the last few weeks I wanted to share a couple of changes I have made and the impact it has had so far.

I would not have done this in this way, had I had not seen Dan demo it and explain it the way he did, i’m so happy with the scorecard I have for registration and I think this may well be a game changer for us.

The Workshop

Dan talked about running his KPI workshop for 5 years and how he’s gone from 20-30 people to 500 people on a workshop, this reminded me that consistency was key as well as anchoring it to one offer.

So I put together my workshop (it’s module 1 of my accelerator)

The Scorecard
Went about setting up the page https://ytworkshop.scoreapp.com/

And putting it out to my audience.

The Handraiser

I asked the hand raiser question, “If I run a free online YouTube planning workshop would you be interested? Limited to 12 people”

The plan here is to run the workshop to 100 people and convert 6 of them per month into my £997 accelerator.

Importantly you can see in the screenshot I have people waiting for it, I have been nurturing my audience like this for 3 years around YouTube so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get too many hands raised, just start and build, get your testimonials.

The Results

So far we have had 30 people take the scorecard, 26 have booked onto the workshop and we will start delivering them from next week.

Now all I have to do is work on delivering a brilliant workshop (I know this is the case as I’ve delivered it many times before) and perfecting my pitch (this is what I need to work on).

I will come back and share the results at the end of April, once I have ran the two workshops (12th / 26th) and let you know the financial results.

I know now the only thing stopping me is a good pitch and follow up.

25th April 2024

So tomorrow is the second workshop 10-11:30 and i’ve already made a few adjustments.

  1. We moved the registrations from Zoom to Gravity Forms / High Level. What I found is that the registration system in zoom was pants if you only had Zoom pro, they wanted you to upgrade for events/webinars and I really don’t need that, so I moved it so that when the user finishes the registration via ScoreApp, they end up on my website, which sends a lovely email reminder etc.
  2. Out of 30 registrations for the first workshop only 7 showed up, and no one purchased This allowed me to test the format and I learned a lot from delivering it. I sent NO reminders to join and No follow ups to buy, this is on me and largely because me and the team are busy organising our first conference TubeFest, but it’s on me, I took the hit and we go again.
  3. The data is invaluable, i’ll most definitely ask them to complete my “Are you ready for youtube” scorecard on the workshop and this will give me more data too. I’ve shared some of the questions and data here.
  4. Tomorrow I have 41 booked, 2 have dropped out and i’ll be sending a reminder an hour before. I may even send a SMS reminder when it starts to encourage more people to join.

I’ll be back here to let you know how it goes, I am focused on my goal that we want to have 6 people in the programme each month, we have invested in both copy and a salespage which should hopefully help with conversions but I will also be personally reaching out to everyone this weekend.

Thanks and I hope you don’t mind me sharing my journey here.

DateScorecard CompletedWorkshop BookedAttended LiveSales
5th April 2024432670
26th April 20244441131
10th May 20244928141
Running total, i’ll update it every two weeks or so.

9th May 2024

So I had 41 booked for the last one and 13 showed up live, this was the first time we were able to use the sales page and copy that I purchased for £1000. I see this as a great investment and it has already paid for itself (it still needs some work) you can see it over here https://youtubeaccelerator.co.uk

11th May 2024

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