Welcome to KingOfVideo.co.uk

I am so excited to re-launch the website that i’ve been planing to do since September 2019.

September 2019 was the time when I launched my personal brand King of Video, this was something which I was both excited about and concerned about, who am I? Is it arrogant to become the self-proclaimed King of Video? What will people think? What will they say?

Well, of course, there’s nobody on the planet that needed to give me permission to take the throne and there’s no permission you need to get started with video, you simply start NOW and take action. The domain was available and there was no good reason for me not to step into the title and own it.

Thanks so much for visiting the website, I truly hope there’s some useful content here for you and look forward to serving you in the future with more videos, downloadbles and of course for those of you that join my membership & elite programs.

Matthew Hughes

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