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Does A Short Form Strategy Work?

As our online attention spans grow shorter, the popularity of short-form content becomes increasingly evident. But do platforms like it? Does it really keep people interested?

Watch the video below or read on and let’s dig into these questions and figure out if making short videos is a smart move in the ever-changing world of online content.

I recently opened my Shorts Challenge again, and experimented what impact it would give on different platforms. And if you’re new to content creation world, joining a Shorts Challenge might just be your starting point – creating content with other creators can help give tips and accountability. You can join anytime, it’s evergreen.

My experiment with the Shorts Challenge yielded some intriguing results. Every platform has its own set of rules and preferences, known as algorithms. Understanding these details is key to making your content shine.

Instagram Reels

Creating content that grabs attention quickly is the game here. Based on my experiment with 5 different videos, the trick is snappy visuals and dynamic content to catch the eye in a flash.


On TikTok, things are a bit different. Instead of sticking to the usual 1-minute videos, TikTok suggests to explore making longer content. Trying out videos that go beyond the usual time limit might just be the thing that leads to some exciting new opportunities.

Facebook Reels

Facebook Reelsβ€”an often overlooked platform. To my surprise, even with minimal effort, it brought in positive results, including more followers. Don’t underestimate the potential of Facebook Reels. The platform seems to favor and amplify content, making it a valuable space to engage with your existing audience and potentially reach new heights.

This experiment not only uncovers insights into the current state of short-form content but also creates opportunities for creators to try new things, innovate, and discover fresh ways to engage with their audience.

As creators, adapting to platform-specific preferences, exploring Facebook Reels, and building brand equity are essential elements to unlock the full potential in the short form strategy and content creation world. If you want to learn more about my experiment and the secrets I’ve uncovered, tune in to this episode of the YouTube Success podcast.

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