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Getting Started On YouTube: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Channel

So, you’re ready to get started on YouTube. The excitement is real, but hey, where do you even begin? I get it. You want a roadmap, a checklist, a foolproof guide to take you from square one to launching your YouTube channel.

Watch the full video or read this blog for a golden nugget and checklist on how you can prepare for your channel launch.

Now, let’s break it down into bite-sized pieces to guide you with a checklist of what you need to do for a successful launch.

1. Set the Foundation

The first step? Establish your presence with a Google account. It might sound basic, but trust me, you wouldn’t believe how many overlook this fundamental step. Your Google account is your gateway to the entire Google ecosystem, including YouTube.

2. Create Your Channel

Next stop, create your channel on YouTube. Wondering about personal vs. brand channels? Go for the brand channel; it’s like the VIP section.

3. Channel Branding

Give your channel a makeover. Create a banner that looks good on anything from your phone, laptop, desktop, to the big TV in your living room.

4. Hit Your First 100 Subscribers

Consider this your leveling-up moment. Getting that initial 100 subscribers unlocks perks, and I’ve got some strategies on my YouTube channel to help you achieve this milestone.

5. Research Video Ideas

Before diving into content creation, invest time in researching video ideas. You can look for answers and potential topics also on Quora, Answer The Public, YouTube, Google, and whatever platform you use for research. The goal is, you need to know the pain points of your audience or what people normally ask about within your niche.

6. Create a Video Plan

Map out your videos for the next three months. It sounds intense, but it’s like having your YouTube content on autopilot. Less stress, more fun.

7. Film and Publish an Intro Video

Your channel’s first impression matters. Create an intro video – a brief declaration of your channel’s purpose and what viewers can expect. It’s like introducing yourself at a party but on YouTube.

8. Batch Film Your First 4 Videos

Plan your videos, then film several videos in one go. This way, you’re not scrambling every week to get content out.

Ready for YouTube Success?

These are just the ABCs of getting started on YouTube. You can listen to the podcast below for more details on how you can execute this checklist, but this is the start of your roadmap to YouTube success, whether you’re just starting or eager to optimise your existing channel.

Dive into a Video Strategy Call with me, where we’ll create personalised strategies tailored to your business and/or YouTube goals. You can also boost your YouTube skills with the user-friendly courses offered at the YouTube Academy.

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